Why We're Here

At GREATER THAN, we place a great deal of importance on having the highest quality clothing available and selling it at an affordable price. However, GREATER THAN is much more than a premium quality Christian clothing brand. We desire to be a movement and we desire to serve you. 100% of sales fund GREATER THAN Ministries. As of right now, this includes free to attend worship and prayer nights in Toronto, CA  

We started GREATER THAN because of a deep passion to provide Christians with premium clothing that can subtly, proudly and stylishly declare their faith with the intent of starting conversations. We realize it can sometimes feel difficult, awkward or even nerve wracking to share your faith in Jesus with others. Most of us have experienced this! It is our hope and prayer that our pieces eliminate these feelings by providing opportunities, even if just a small window, that feel natural and easy to share what Jesus has done for you and who he is.

While all of this is important, we also know that sometimes we need a personal reminder! A reminder that God is GREATER THAN everything you're facing. That God is GREATER THAN the whole world. That God is in control. We are making these pieces to serve you as your personal reminder throughout your days. They will help pick you up and focus your eyes on God when times are tough, and they'll ground you and remind you to give thanks to God when you're jumping up and down in victory.

We have huge visions of how GREATER THAN can serve God. We want Him to use GREATER THAN to lift up His Church and serve those in need. Your support will help turn these dreams into realities. Hopefully we can speak more on this soon...

Jesus is Lord.